transforming suffering into tangible acts of hope

& Peaceful social Activism heals

Hard on Karma sprung from our first engagement as full-on support for Healing Activism. It's Karmentum.

Today we support those that want to go from wanting to doing. The projects we accept all aspire to 'detox' our very tough Human Karma. We have no belief other than Action. We might write a lot but get to know us and you'll see all else we do too.

We only support Peaceful Activism, coming from Self-Observing Meditation, and as a result Creativity as the first solution, to any Change you want to see for a step towards oneness world, a zeocrachy.

I was always told to ‘listen’ to my breath, but O teaches to FEEL the breath. Wow, what a difference!
— Natalie, vegan peaceful activist

We don't think it's strange at all that you suffer, actually we think it is very strange that there are those that don't give a f* about them passively harming others and creating an ecological catastrophe. For us pain is the most natural and good feeling. How can you not suffer when:

- 421 million animals are tortured and slaughters daily.

- there is so much waste dumped in our seas that by 2050 there will be more plastic then fish in the ocean.

- when the most dangerous place for a woman and a child under 10 is still their home (in  ALL countries!). 

- when 8 guys own half the world assets and they won't share it as they think its normal as 'they worked so hard'.

- when large companies pay 0% taxes and get your tax money as subsidies, while their CEO still gets a yearly bonus that could pay for 10 000 kids food & school in central Africa for a year/or clean water supply in 23 poorest countries. 

- when there is more open racisms in the rich world since the WWII, and the established party leaders start to use their racists' rhetorics.

- when girls still get >25% of the teachers attention and women still earn 30% less then men.

- when married couples can go from saying 'I love you' for 20 years and the day after break up saying 'I hate you'.

The rLOVEution is already happening.
It’s clear, a drastic change is happening, like an a growth of awareness and more getting fed up. This time the revolution is taking place within ourselves.
One day we feel something within us shifts and we just have to say No! That No! comes from the Source.
— Cristina, co-founder of Olive Retreat and HOK

If you feel the No! within you, if you feel that enough is enough and you want to do something and not just think about doing something, we can help.

We help you find your Activist Way, whatever it might be and however big it might be. If you want to start your local NGO, paint and your city walls, run for peace, cook for veganism, dance to feel, or in any other way you want to communicate a message, we can help you. 

- Activist Coaching, Editing and Writing, Publishing and Events.

some of the Literature we´ve published: 

Autobiographical story FOR THE EPIC & ACTIVE

bUtterfly man

When you have it all but don't. This is the story of a young ultra athlete and disciple of Mandela and his struggle to heal.

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and what is he sorry for?


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FOR ENTREPRENEURS, politicians & good-doers 


The best resource for those who acknowledge the failures of existing business models, while seeking to innovate on the most basic of assumed methodologies and ideologies.

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LET's Detox our human karma. Together.

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