Change the world by not being part of the problem.

HOK launches creations that changed it's creator. It can be books, art, or initiatives for a better world. We gather these creators in a community based business. All the creators in our community realizes that we humans have a pretty Hard Karma to deal with and the best way is to not be part of the problems that led us to this mess. Check out if you can be part of the community.

3 people founded HOK as an organic and natural step after launching Butterfly Man. It's Johns story, edited by Ray and marketed by Cristina, whom met when John came to them to seek a healthier and happier life at O•live Retreat.

At O•live offers very honest and special health retreats. They do all the ordinary healthy stuff like vegan food and yoga, just because it's the best, but they are special because they deal with the reasons we all carry to why we won't do what we know we should do, to become and stay healthy.

At the Feel f' Real retreats we take our personal regained health and let our creativity express in any creation the creator might find a need to do.

When the creators wants to publish or launch their creation, HOK comes into this (beautiful) picture. All creations are facing.