transforming suffering into tangible acts of hope

& Peaceful social Activism

Hard on Karma Creations

HOK sprang from our first engagement with the universe of Olive Retreat in the art of transforming individual suffering into peaceful social activism. It's our Karmentum.

We support those who wish to spread their personal experience to the world around them. The projects we accept aspire to 'detox' the very Toxic Hard Karma we have created for ourselves as human beings. All creations are, needless to say, sustainable, vegan and zeocratic.

We only support peaceful activism coming from self awareness and a meditative lifestyle, and that is inherently zoecratic.

I was always told to ‘listen’ to my breath, but Olive teaches to FEEL the breath. Wow, what a difference!
— Natalie, vegan peaceful activist

dont be normal, be healthy

We are not surprised if you are suffering, and might in fact think it very strange if you were not, given human impact on the earth and its living inhabitants. Pain is always our teacher. Listen to it, feel it, learn and change.

- climate change is real,[i]

- half the world's people live on less than $2.50 a day,[ii]

- 16,000 children under 5 years of age die every day,[iii]

- more than 100 million people are homeless,[iv]

- 5 men own half the world's wealth,[v]

- they are all white,

- each year, nations generate 1.3 billion tons of waste,[vi]

- 8 million tons of plastic goes into the oceans every year,[vii] for a total of more than 5.25 trillion pieces as of now,[viii]

- you eat them,[ix]

- 21 million people are trapped in one kind of slavery or another,[x]

- 48 football fields of forest are cut down every minute,[xi]

- women still earn half as much as men,[xii]

- do you get my point?

- do you understand why we are suffering?

- oceans and plastic by 2050?

- the most dangerous place for women and children under 10? 

- taxes, wealth and inequity?

- racism in the rich world since the WWII?

- gender inequity?

- marriage, and love?















The rLOVEution is already happening. It’s clear. A drastic change is happening, a growth in awareness and an increase in the sense of being fed up. This time the revolution is taking place within ourselves. One day we feel something within us shifts and we just have to say “no more!” That “no more” comes from the Source.
— Cristina, co-founder of Olive Retreat and HOK

If you feel a “no more” growing within you. If you feel that enough is enough and you want to do something and not just think about doing something, we can help.

We help you find your Activist Way, whatever it might be and however big it might be. If you want to start a local NGO, paint your city walls, run for peace, cook for veganism, dance to feel, or in any other way you want to communicate a message, we can help you. 

- Activist Coaching, Editing and Writing, Publishing and Events.

some of the Literature we´ve published: 

Autobiographical story FOR THE EPIC & ACTIVE

bUtterfly man

When you have it all but don't. This is the story of a young ultra athlete and disciple of Mandela and his struggle to heal.

who is this guy? →

and what is he sorry for?


A Memoir For the traveling Smooth, pure and lovely

got to read the book to get this

got to read the book to get this

RAISING A BLACK DOG - a psyche for the new man.

FOR ENTREPRENEURS, politicians & good-doers 


The best resource for those who acknowledge the failures of existing business models, while seeking to innovate on the most basic of assumed methodologies and ideologies.

really, why do we wear ties? 


an operating system for the new era

Madness in a good way, yah?

LET's Detox our human karma. Together.

Tell us where it hurts.

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