want to publish a creation and push it with us? 

we are committed to being part of the solution in any way you find right, with the following in mind (body and soul.)

  • You are already vegan, or you honestly try to become 99.99% vegan so every time you have a choice you choose vegan, and you are very clear why, or want to learn more.

  • You live as sustainably as you can and acknowledge that only thinking and talking about sustainability doesn't change anything, only doing does. 

  • You are a responsible consumer, a minimalist and healthy, and as such probably not so normal. Before buying some toxic cream, yet another T-shirt (100l. of water), smoke another cigarette (30 million trees/year in Brazil) or get another gadget, you ask yourself, do I really, really need this?

  • You will help us establish and launch strategies that support all our creators in communicating their creations to the world, using your social media accounts and all other means to promote our creations as part of a network of active creativism.  

  • You acknowledge that you can't save the Earth alone and that we go further together, and safer, more firmly and peacefully. In doing so you might not like every partner or every creation, but our goal of not being part of the problem anymore unites and guides us.

  • Your promote zoecracy a modern and more inclusive refinement of democracy, which includes all living creatures, and not only humans in its mandate (because we are some superior life form or other bs that we have been taught.)

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on behalf of the united creatures of this planet, ourselves and yourself - thank you!