Hard On Karma Creations supports acts of creativity that derive from questioning and/or suffering our social, economic and political systems, and are designed to accomplish specific acts of change (i.e., make the world a better place, eh?). This is how we can help:

Coaching for activists. 

You come up with your ideas and we guide you through the many things to think of when starting a social movement. We'll support you the road is rocky and you need a friend's hand.

Editing & Writing & translation. 

In all you do there is most likely a text you need, like a manifesto, an article or blog, a letter or a full on book. Our Epic English writer is Emile Raymond. We translate to other language for you too.

Publishing & Events.

When the projects take form and you want to spread your idea, that's when we plan the event and publishing of what can be the turning point for Social Change. Who knows? 

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The program - a single atom can rock the world

You can join our Activist Feel f' Real retreats for a week to kick start you project, or we can work online with a set Program for Activism. We can't wait to hear your thoughts and activate your pain. There is not much we haven't heard, same pain but every story is personally unique.

Please, let us Get (in) touch! 


BOOKs, ART, Tech, or INITIATIVEs for a better world - BRING them to US.

We gather these acts of creativity in a community-based network, in which all the members acknowledge the hard karma humanity has fostered over its short time on this earth. As much as we recognize our magnificence, we even more so acknowledge our failures and violence, and feel the only hope for our personal suffering is action to change.

Feel if you can be part of the community.

Three of us founded Hard On Karma as an organic and natural step after launching Butterfly Man in February 2018. It's Bodhi John McInroy's story, edited by Emile Raymond and marketed by Cristina Azcárate, all of whom came together during an O•live Retreat Bodhi John came to for help. Others have joined us since then, bringing with them their special skills.

REESHA Grey.jpeg

Karma, a character in Butterfly Man, launched 2018, in whose eyes John was told never, ever to look. 

Guess what he did?

He looked!

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O•live offers very honest and special health retreats. We do all the ordinary healthy stuff like eat vegan food and do yoga and mediate and exercise because it all works, especially when combined, but O•live is special because we deal with the source of the problems, as much as anyone can be said to. The question we ask is why we don't do what we know is good for us?

At Feel f' Real retreats your health is the world's health. We help individuals become healthy and then discover creative ways to turn that health into positive social action in a way that energizes them.